Toshiba L350-203 CPU problem ?

Hi,I have a toshiba L350-203 laptop & for some reason I've started to get high readings using the CPU App that comes with Windows 7 ultimate.It hit's around 60-80% for no reason & not sure why.
I've stripped the laptop & added thermal paste & still get high temps.
I downloaded CPUz but in truth I don't know how to use it.
Should I just buy another heatsink & fan or just a fan ?
Does any L350 model fit this laptop ?

Any help more than welcome.
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  1. Quote:
    what do you mean 60-80%? did you mean 69-80c?
    Sorry what I meant is that if you turn the laptop on & then the CPU App goes from 1% up to 80+% for no reason.It says CPU usage 78% & not sure why it's so high on a laptop that has just had windows 7 reinstalled.
    On Windows 7 Ultimate it's called CPU usage meter.
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