Acer Aspire 7750G Slown Down

Hello, well i own this laptop for like 9 months already, never had any problems and such.
Specifications are:
Intel Core i5 2410M @ 2.3GHz
6GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
AMD Radeon HD6850M 1GB DDR3(Only radeon, mine has no switchable graphics. :kaola: )
750GB HDD @5400RPM

Okay, so told you my specifications, now i gonna tell you my problems.
A while ago i used to render HD videos with sony vegas, watch youtube in HD in the same time, i even remember playing modern warfare 2 meanwhile my videos are rendering.
I used to install games and play another games meanwhile they are installing.
But now i feel laptop has slown down..

First of all i noticed poor sound quality, now i get weird cracky noise when i play HD videos or games that require good PC. It's really annoying.
Second thing, my performance on games dropped drastically, i used to get constant 60fps on hot pursuit maxed out at 1600x900.
now no matter what settings i get poor 30's 20-30 any settings, any resolutions. So are other games even old ones like online fps'es, i can't even hit 60's on them.
This laptop is pretty powerful, i played all games maxed out at 1600x900 or 1280x720(Metro and crysis 2 were those two)
Now i can barely play old games with comfort fps.
Also, now when i render my cpu is at 100%, but now when i render video laptop becomes really laggy, i can't even open apps or watch youtube(even at 480p) That's why i loved it, you could multitask with any apps you want. Now it became pretty much dual core(i know i5 2410m is dual core, but before it felt like solid quad core processor.)
I really would like your help guys, because my laptop just doesn't feel right anymore. And yes, all my drivers are up to date, i check AMD for new drivers weekly lol. Other were updated to "newest" On acer's site.
I just don't know what to do anymore. Oh and also my HDD's are split into 2 partitions, my windows part uses 80GB for a reason, i doubt windows 7 sp1 64bit takes up so much space.. I install only drivers and stuff for that, everything else goes o D: Drive which is data drive, all my goodies and photos there.
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  1. Actually mine doesn't. In Catalyst i don't have option to switch graphic cards between integrated and wise versa. :P
    Okay, i will write down those.
    Also i used hot pursuit as example, all other games suffering poor performance too.
    I use sony vegas pro 10.0 64bit, i could render videos and play games without lagg, now i can only render videos. because it's too laggy.
  2. It says i'm not allowed my message. So sorry for double post.
    here are temps under low load.

    And here are under heavy load of youtube in mozilla, chrome,sony vegas rendering, adobe photoshop cs6. and notepad! :D
  3. Bump.
  4. Fans are working alright. -_-
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