6800 GT vs 6800 ultra for SLI and Single card

I am going to build a monster soon and need to find a review for dual nvidia 6800 GT vs dual nvidia 6800 ultra and throw in a comparison vs a single card solution for the ultra. Basically I want to know wether I should buy 2 ultras or 2 GT's. Any help would be very appreciated.

New Computer may be:
2 gig DDR400
2 SATA Drives(Not sure if I am going to RAID 2 Raptors)
2 GeForce 6800 GT's or Ultras
Dual Layer DVD burner (Still researching)
Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum
PCI Xpress compatible power supply (researching)
Watercooled by Koolance (CPU,GPU's,Nforce4,Hard Drives)
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  1. The Ultras would give better FPS but you wont notice the difference between SLI GT or SLI ultra. A pair of 6600gts are godlike enough.

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  2. The only review I did see was a pair of 6600's and they were the equivalent of 1 6800 GT. They also did a dual 6800 GT but didn't compare it to 1 ultra or 2 ultras.
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