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Hello, my name is dan i desperately need help with my laptop, the problem is that one day because i had accidentally deleted google chrome and i wanted to get it back so i went to the bin and found a program that said google chrome but didn't have the logo just a white background. so i put it on the desktop and tried opening it, but i couldn't it said what would i like to open it with so for some stupid reason i chose internet explorer and then all of the other programs logos turned into a white background with internet explorer on it and when i try to open a program it comes up with a taskbar that says do you want to open or save this program so i click save and it keeps repeating the process over and over again. thank you i hope you can help
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  1. What OS are you running? There is an area to restore the default operating programs for different extensions (.exe, .doc, etc...).
  2. Have you tried using system restore to restore to a date prior to the change?
  3. Shouldn't need to do a system restore, share your OS and I can point you where to go! Also, had you un-installed google Chrome or did you just drag the icon into the trash?
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