How to connect dell duo to projector

I have a Dell Duo with windows 7. I want to hook it up to a projector. Any ideas? It has bluetooth and wifi.
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  1. cannot hook it up via either of those.

    I am not terribly fimiliar with the Duo (other than that the new win8 one announced today looks a little odd), but I do understand that it is a netbook. Most netbooks have a standard VGA HD-15 output for external video, and some newer ones have HDMI, but again I am unsure about your particular netbook so I do not know if you have these connectors or not.

    The only wireless connection available right now would be WiDi (Wireless Display), but you would have to have it on both your computer, and the TV/Projector that you want to hook up to, and seeing that it is an extremely rare technology (though promices to get more popular with time) I highly dobut that you would have it at your disposal.

    Just look for a video output on your laptop, and use that.
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