Creating windows 7 recovery usb from ubuntu

i'm having an issue with windows 7 at the moment. i did a system restore and all seemed to have been going well, but when the computer started up again i just got a black screen with a cursor that i could move around. i couldn't get into the task manager or anything from there. i tried safe mode and some other things like that but every single time i try to start the computer i just get the black screen with the cursor. the only thing i can do besides move the cursor around is press the shift key five times to get the sticky keys pop up thing. but that's it.

i don't have a CD drive in my computer so i can't do anything with a disc. i'm using a ubuntu live CD in order to write this now.
i have a windows 7 repair disc iso, so i just need to get the contents of that onto my usb drive and make the usb drive bootable, but unfortunately i've been running into some issues with that. so does anyone have any ideas on how i can fix my problem? the best solution i can think of is to run system recovery through my usb drive but i don't know how to create that using ubuntu. any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: ok i fixed the problem. i went to a friends house to create the bootable flash drive and whatnot. everything is worked out now. all i did was just restore my computer to its original state.
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  1. Glad you got it sorted, thanks for posting back with your solution which may help others.
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