Laptop audio distortion

I recently bought Asus n56vz, and I must say Im impressed! Dare say it's on of the best laptop value on the market tight now.

But there is one problem I cant look past, and that is the audio. Sometimes, and without any type of pattern, the audio distort itself. Both with headset and integrated speakers. NO IDEA WHY?!

I've tried installing new drivers, setting back drivers from pre factory settings and reinstalling windows with the "restore windows to factory settings". All without any luck.
Any advice on what the problem might be? Might it be hardware malfunction?

All feedback will be greatly appriciated!
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  1. There might be some kind of software running that automatically adjusts volume levels or EQ on the fly... I know THX certified type software has this annoying capability. Try disabling/uninstalling everything that isn't essential for the audio to work to see if that doesn't help.

    Edit: And by "everything," I of course mean audio utilities and the like.
  2. I know there's a Maxxaudio software on the computer, but it seems to me integrated in the Realtek driver itself, not as an it independent software. It doesn't seem to be possible to disable or uninstall it. Other thoughts? :)
  3. Thumb through the configurations and settings in that software for previously mentioned options on automatic volume/EQ adjustment.
  4. At this point i doubt its software related... I've tried all there is. Sick and tired. Just have to send it in to reseller and get another one.
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