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i restored my acer aspire5738 notebook to an earlier date and now will not restart.. any ideas?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I have a couple of questions for clarification here.
    1) What was the computer doing that prompted the restore effort?
    2) Does the computer do anything at all when power is turned on? Lights flash? Makes clicking noises? Billows clouds of smoke? Anything?
    3) Have you tried without the battery installed?
    4) What surface is the laptop usually used on?
    One simple thing you can try which has saved a few laptops (and shouldn't hurt anything) is to unplug the power pack from the laptop, remove the battery, press and hold power for 20-30 seconds, replace battery, plug in power adapter - see if anything then - if no go, questions one and two would be a great start
    Good luck
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