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Bug fix for hyperthreaded p4 in xp sp1

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August 6, 2003 12:45:16 PM

Anyone here knows a download link to a fix with Intel's Pentium4 processor with hyperthreading for windows xp sp1.
I've heard that there's a bug in windows xp sp1 that affets hyperthreaded pentium4, but i think microsoft already released a bug fix for it. I just forgot the url.

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August 6, 2003 2:11:30 PM

This is the only information I have found about a SP1 Hyper-Threading hotfix:

<A HREF=";en-us;812035" target="_new">A Crash Occurs in Ks.sys on Computers with Intel Hyper-Threading CPU</A>

I found the link on this page, where the hotfix can be downloaded:

<A HREF="" target="_new">P4 Hyper Threading WinXP Patch</A>

This does not sound like a critical update, unless you happen to be using a Hauppauge card.

Edit: No wait ... I found this one, too:

<A HREF=";en-us;815227" target="_new">Performance Degradation Occurs in the UnmapViewOfFile Function</A>

Get the fix here:

<A HREF="" target="_new">Microsoft Confirms Bug in Hyper-Threading for Windows XP SP1</A>


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August 7, 2003 8:43:38 AM

that's what i've been looking for. Thankz.