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I tried installing Windows XP by having it boot up and loading the CD but for somereason right before the screen where it shows to install press enter the computer shows a blue screen and freezes. I wonder why it doesn't work since all other computers I used can manualy install Windows. I wanted to install Windows XP Home as a second system but it won't let me. I have a Sony VPC-EB3QFX/WI

Basicly it acts normal when loading the start up files to run Windows XP setup but right before the screen where it shows if you want to repair or install fresh copy of Windows XP it freezes and gets a normal blue error screen.
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  1. Test your memory with memtest86 for at least three passes. This type of error is normally a memory problem.
  2. one other possible option is drivers, there may be some hardware in there that there are no compatible drivers for. On newer system, you do not always have the needed drivers for older OS's

  3. move up to windows 7 xp is dead

    test all your hardware confirm everything is 100%, faulty hdd's can cause these sorts of issues along with corrupted partitions etc (as a result of a faulty hdd)

    1 in 3 hdd's has bad sectors, no one ever notices or bothers to test -- sheer laziness
  4. My Sony laptop came with Windows 7 Home since I got it around end of 2010. It has the Intel i3 370M processor and 8GB ram and 320GB hard drive. I wanted to install XP as a second system so I can play older games like Turok. The VirtualBox software doesn't work as I wanted since it doesn't enable Direct3D or doesn't work like it's suppose to. It did say that Direct3D is expermental so basicly I think it's a beta still for that program. I did test my memory using Vaio Care program that came with my Sony laptop and everything is fine.
  5. I think the mayjor problem on Windows 7 I have is that it's 64bit and not 32bit. I bet if it was 32bit it would run fine. But since it's 64bit I have no choice but to load Windows XP that is 32bit and I do have that CD. I did try installing it using that virtural machine program but it seems like that the Direct3D is not working 100% like it's suppose to so the game detects and thinks there my video card has only software rendering and not hardware like Direct3D.

    Also I kinda wonder if Sony made it so you can't install other OS or even delete the current system if I wanted to. But maybe there is a way to add another system by creating another partition. But the problem is that I can't go to the screen where I would do all of this stuff since it shows a blue screen right before entering the setup screen
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