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Basically I purchased an Ultrabook for my Uni work and for when I travel back home for the holidays.

I set it up and it was working perfectly the night before, the next day I turned it on and it powered up and shut down within 3 seconds with the boot priority on the HDD.

I plugged the power cable in and let it charge just to make sure it was not the battery, the same thing happened.

Since this has happened, I disabled the HDD(and lowered the priorty) by getting into the bios and I have also tried to boot from a USB thumb-drive, and and external CD drive (Used 2 different Windows 7 discs and the recovery disc) and still nothing happened, it wont even show them in the boot option menu.

At this point I am quite annoyed and I feel the only options left is to try and boot Linux from a USB(Doubt it will show) or to try a spare SSD I have. But if I open the laptop up I am sure it will become suspicious.

Anybody have a clue what this could be? I have never had this kind of problem with my desktops, just seems to me a laptop/Ultrabook is a lot more hassle than its worth.

I also have a 30 day warranty where it can be exchanged if there are any problems, looks like I will have to do that :/

The Ultrabook is
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  1. Good thing you have the warranty.
  2. Yeh I guess, not really worth the effort if I can get it replaced instantly. But I just like to know the problem :P
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