9800pro fan problem - please help

My brother's MSI 9800pro (he bought it a few months ago) has a fan that keeps cutting off. It'll be fine for hours, then cut off. At other times it won't turn on during startup. Any ideas on a quick fix (if possible) instead of RMAing it?

He just bought Half Life2 so he is dying. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

PIV 2.4c @ 3.12ghz
1gig PC3200 (512mbx2)
GF3 Ti200 64mb (soon to be replaced)
WinXP Pro
3DMark2001SE: 6453
3DMark2003: 746
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  1. Well, I exactly dont know, but is the fan switching itself off ? It just might be a power management utility. Switching off when fan is not required. Somebody here with the same model might give better advice.

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  2. Using any OEM software for that card, if so ditchem and just use the ATI drivers.

    Could be the fan in which Id just put the VGA silencer on for it really needs it anyways.

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