Help finding new laptop that performs as well as my desktop.


I would like a laptop that performs at least as well as my current desktop (see spec below). Can anyone provide any help/suggestions? What cpu would the laptop need to match my desktop? what would the cost be? I would prefer something portable that I can take to and from work (ultraportable not absolutely neccessary but if possible then why not). It is important that the laptop can also take at least 8GB of RAM (due to programs I use loading large datasets into RAM). The laptop will be used for work purposes (analysing scientific imaging data - a good graphics card would help!! but i dont need an absolute monster for gaming). I would like it to have 15" monitor with good resolution. I would also like it to have an SSD (80GB+), large data storage wont be neccessary.

Worry not about cost at this point as im just trying to gather as much info as I can. Basically I just want to try and find out if a laptop exists that matches my desktop and how much this would cost. I dont really need anything better than my current desktop, but i need it in laptop form. If that costs £500 then great, if it costs £1500 then I will have to downgrade my expectations.

Many thanks as always for help!

My current desktop is:
-CPU: Intel core i7 (Lynnfield) 860 @ 2.8Ghz
-RAM: 8GB DDR3 (CPUz says: NB frequency: 2407.5MHz , Channels: Dual, DRAM Frequency: 668.7MHz, CL: 9clocks, tRCD: 9 Clocks, tRP: 9clocks, rRAS: 24 clocks, tRFC: 74 clocks, CR: 2T)
-Graphics card: Radeon HD 4870 512MB
-MOBO: Asus P7P55D
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  1. Thanks alot for your help/recommendation. Its good to know that the i7-3610QM will perform as well as my desktop CPU. I think I can get this laptop in budget after all.
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