Does this price tag even cover the cost to make+ship this laptop?

first of all, i am not a best buy PR guy, i am just someone that's been on the lookout for a cheap computer to replace my old dell...

i am seriously wondering how can laptops be this cheap nowadays?

a samsung, not refurbished, dedicated graphics, quad-core, 6G memory, yet 399+tax everything included (canadian)!

i was so tempted to buy this one like half an hour ago, but then after some careful thinking, i decided to wait, because i think this can only mean one thing: we are near the next "major jump" in laptop quality, so the retailers are somehow trying to get rid of their current ones!

did i make the right decision?
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  1. Well it's an AMD Llano based laptop, that explains the low cost. Try finding an Intel quad-core with discrete graphics for that price and then we'd be talking about a real deal.
  2. It's considered "old stock".

    The laptop uses AMD's Llano series APU which has been replaced by the Trinity series APU. BestBuy is either selling it at cost or maybe even a slight loss just to get rid of their remaining stock inventory which is taking up valuable space in their warehouses that could be used to store newer "things" with higher profit margins.
  3. quick question at jaguarskx and aicom

    1, what's wrong with Llano? can you explain it briefly like i am five? :)

    2, if bestbuy sells "old stocks" at a "slight loss" just to get rid of their remaining stock inventory, then wouldn't it make perfect sense for people on a tight budget to only buy those "old stocks"?
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    1. nothing wrong with it, its just last generation APU

    2. yes, older stuff tend to be on sale, hence any penny pinchers would like these deals, while people with money go for the new technology.
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  6. thanks for the quick replies guys!!!

    i just wanted to add this to this thread: what saddens me is that, even people who are not rich, in fact, quite poor (i personally know at least two), would shell out around $1000~$1500 for a crappy laptop + 3 years of warranty that never gets used + a printer that never gets used + virus protection plan.

    when at the same time, with some looking around and comparing prices on the internet, i could buy 2~3 BETTER laptops with the same amount of money...

    i don't think i am a genius, i just think that some people are quite dumb.
  7. some people purchase stuff that is either aesthetics, or purchase without prior suggestions from people with technical knowledge at times. But whatever, Its not my money thats being spent.
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