How to prolong the life of a laptop battery?

According to the computer salesman, the laptop battery's ability to hold charge declines after about a year and a half. First of all, is this true? Second of all, what are some ways to prolong the battery's ability to hold charge? For example, if you constantly plug and unplug the charger before the laptop is fully charged, is that bad for the batteries? Maybe i should buy a new one in case,my friend tell me the ttore of laptop accessories is good,is there anyone knows more about the store??
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  2. from what i know and experience, lithion batteries should be let to discharge completely at least once a month,its called a full cycle charge i believe,charging your battery constantly does lower the battery's life.

    I suggest you let it discharge and charge before it dies,i had an old 30gb ipod video from like 2005, i charged it a lot,by the year the battery wouldnt last anything, my 3rd generation ipod touch is going on its second year and the battery is almost like new because i let it discharge completely and charge it again to 100% and rinse and repeat.

    I also suggest if you want to extend the life of it,use the battery whenever you need it, you can use the laptop without the battery, you just cant move around and you have to be in one place while its plugged in, dont leave it alone without use for 2 months either.
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