Laptop Suggestion Request - On a 800-1000$ Budget!

-My budget is around 800-1000$.

-I am a full-time student so I need a pretty fast computer/able to get school work done on.

-Needs good battery life.

-If possible id like to be able to hook it up to my larger monitor and play games like League of Legends, Diablo3, Guildwars2 on it and not have a problem.

-I run a small E-commerce business buying and selling used books etc. so the computer must be able to store a decent number of pictures.

-I don't want a Mac book. I like Windows7 quite a bit and its just what I am used to.

-I am thinking a 15'4inch screen? The 17 seems quite large.

I was thinking about the - I know they're said to be "over priced" But honestly I love the case and it seems to have everything I want in a laptop.

-Alien ware Mx17 r3 series gaming laptop it comes with a intel sec gen I7 cpu with turbo boost 2.0 goes up to 2.9 ghz 12gb of ddr 3 1333 mhz memory can be upgraded still to 32gb max 1 Tb sata hard drive loaded with win 7 home pro 64bit. 17.3 hd led screen with built in camera duel video cards ati 1gb ddr5 which is on board doesnt share from the system memory

I do love the Alien ware case though. Could probably switch the cases on another laptop though!
Open to all suggestions!
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  1. Probably half the time.
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