PNY GF6800 - what a joke

I bought a PNY GF6800 from CompUSA because it was on sale; not really trusting PNY but thinking it couldn't be too bad. ( This board turns out to be a joke.

First glance at the board when I opened the box was nice and surprising, a fan and a big black heatsink covering most of the area in the front including memory chips, and a small heatsink attacked to the back of the gpu chip at the other side of the board.

Closer investigation found out that black “heatsink” was plastic. Yes, Plastic! The small “heatsink” looking thing at the back side of the board turned out to be a piece of plastic suspended about 1 or 2 mm from the board. What the heck was PNY thinking, using plastic to basically cover the whole board? To ensure the board never loss it’s heat? To keep the gpu and memory chips warm and closey in the winter??

Now, if PNY had to cut cost to make their video cards more affordable, that’s totally understandable. Maybe they could use a smaller heatsink, use cheaper fan, use lower quality memory (which I was sure they already did), I would understand; this card was about $50 cheaper than other cards after rebate. But using a big A** piece of plastic (!!) covering the small A** real heatsink and memory chips was really retarded to me.

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  1. If the card work i dont see any problem...

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  2. Could be worse. They could have, you're right. That sucks. Just hope it works out ok.

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  3. PNY is the only manufacturer of Quadro boards, at least outside of Asia. They don't need to cut costs to produce a board that fails (if that's REALLY plastic, the card won't run for more than 60 seconds) and have to deal with returns. Either the card you got is a counterfeit, or the thing you think is plastic is actually some kind of heat conductive composite.
  4. Um, what?

    The plastic piece on the backside of the card is there as a backplate mount for the heatsink. It itself is not a heatsink, it is only there to anchor the main HSF.

    The plastic on the front of the card and on the heatisnk is to make a duct for the airflow to spread out away from the fan (which is also plastic! oh no!) and over the heatpipe & heatsinks.

    I think you just need to chill out and save your complaining for IF the card actually does overheat and fail because of the plastic components.

    PS. This card is rated 5 stars at newegg with excellent reviews

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  5. Ok so remover that POS HSF and put a the VGA silencer with some Ramsink on. Or you can find a Barton HSF and mount that on with some ramsinks. The 6800 line is borderlining water cooling anyways and they all suck in their cooling solutions.

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  6. Since you don't like it. Bring it back to CompUSA and get another card.
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