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so i picked up an HP Pavilion DV7 from a coworker for $20, he said it wouldn't turn on, that's why he only wanted $20. so i figured i could fix it and have a decent new computer on the cheap.
well i thought it was a power problem, so i got a different wall charger, nothing, new battery, nothing, new power corn inside to the MOBO, and nothing. which is weird, i get NO signs of life from this thing, not even the light next to the charger when its plugged in. so im thinking it could be a burned out CPU, as it was in Afghanistan with him. (extreme heat and such) but i cant seem to find a new CPU anywhere to replace it, and a new MOBO is a bit pricey.
i'm hoping someone might have some more ideas i can check before i buy a new CPU or MOBO.
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  1. Look up "Pavilion DV7 broken power jack" either through a search engine or at YouTube - see if any of the issues/symptoms they show apply to your laptop there.
    Could very well be the issue.
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