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I've been looking into getting a laptop for university, so it is quite important that it is light.

I would like to spend $1000 or less.
I like high res, although 1366x768 is acceptable if the rest of it is good.
Portability is extremely important.
Battery life is not a great concern, >3 hours would be nice, though not necessary.
I like gaming and graphics work. So a discrete GPU is a must.
500GB is plenty as I won't be archiving on a laptop.
It would be great if it lasted 4 years for word processing although I see this as highly unlikely and so am not too concerned.
I like ASUS, Sony, HP, and Acer.
I live in New Zealand, however my parents are flying through Singapore and wish to pick one up for me.

I play games like BF3 and Skyrim at 60 FPS on my desktop, I don't mind turning down settings but it would be great if it were capable of playing at 60.

I've been looking and have noticed the Acer Aspire M5-581TG which has a GeForce GT 640 LE, although the i5-3317U didn't look that flashy (correct me if I'm wrong). If anybody recommends this ultrabook, can they give me a rundown on the numbers at the end (like 6814) and which of the m5's they recommend. I also noticed the Sony Vaio S series, how do they compare to the Acer?

pretty good, no? I think this is the m5

Thanks for any help,

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  1. Ultrabooks aren't really meant for gaming. You're better off getting a standard compact laptop
  2. Pinhedd said:
    Ultrabooks aren't really meant for gaming. You're better off getting a standard compact laptop

    Yes, but as reviews say, the m5 is hardly an ultrabook, it packs a way better GPU and stays relatively cool at the expense of thickness. I'm not looking for a gaming laptop, as long as it can play games at a playable frame rate, I'm happy.
  3. Consider the envy 4 ultrabook. Its got an amd 7670gpu along with an i5 ulv processor. It is also pretty light at about 3.9pounds or 1.8kg. Available in Singapore for about $1050 usd.

    Search the hp Singapore website for it under ultrabooks.
  4. The Envy 4 Ultrabook is not user upgradable. To add memory you have almost completely disassemble the unit. The display and keyboard have to be removed.
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