Desktop repl.(Gaming, sometimes CAD). 1300$

An engineer student wanting to buy a decent desktop replacement, having weird principles and beliefs that clog up my mind. I have little knowledge, no experience...

---What is your budget?
1300$ might be a bit more, might be less

---- What is the size
At least 15.6, although 17 would be nice

---What screen resolution do you want?
I haven't had experience, don't know the difference so: FOR GUILD WARS 2, so dat pictures would be nice enough :D

--- How much battery life, Hard drive do you need?
My logic is that if i take as less Baterry life and Hard Drive, I can get better parameters on proccessor, graphics card blabla

------What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop? (Photo/Video editing, Etc.)
Will be using CAD from time to time, but as far as i know it doesn't require much..

----If you are considering specific sites to buy from, please post their links.
This is my childish understanding from hearing from PCs repairing shops:

***** "Don't buy HP, HP brakes! Ventilation system is awful!"
[considering the fact that it will heat up from GUILDS WARS 2]

****** "DON'T buy AMD proccessors!!!! All laptops I have for repair are with AMD proccessors!!!! you hear me!!!?????"
[so now I am PARANOID looking at any laptop with AMD!!!!!!!!!!! except Radeon graphics cards.... ]

***** "Buy Dell Asus, lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer..." " Sony doesn't advertise but have very good new VAIOs" ""IF you want reaaaly best, buy MAC, my little daughter droped mac on the ground 3 times, it's fine!!!" [won't buy anyway]

***** "Buy from more known companies, because they are better built and you are more likely to avoid overheatings and blablabla ! "

***** " Get a cooling pad! you will overheat your pc 100% while playing games, even if you don't take it anywhere!

***** "Buy any computer just with as much warranty as possible! you will over heat eventually! 2 years at least, 3 the best.."""

***Hel me "FIX" my beliefs that I am now following everywhere while trying to buy a notebook*****

-----How long do you want to keep your laptop?
~3 years? I don' know, that's why i wanna buy a better one!

---------What kind of Optical drive do you need? DVD ROM/Writer,Bluray ROM/Writer,Etc ?
I can live WITHOUT IT !

----------- What country do you live in?

I went to PC world, guy showed my this lapotop

also he said "get i5 proc, u won't need i7 at all, it will be fully enough, 6GB RAM will be enough even in 2 years time, 1GB vRAM.

What about the speed of graphics card??????????? i know that vRAM is a priority, but with some cards i would be able to play GUILD WARS 2 at high settings at 30fps, and some just with 15.

I am trying to justify my reason for buying a laptop buy saying " oh, i need u know for engineering, and games when I have free time, u know....", but i can honestly say that it is for Guild Wars 2, taht I would like to play on mid-high graphics :))))))))

I get tired from looking all over the internet for hours looking for the best combinations of CPUs and GPUs to find for my game, I wanna find the best u know.

Sorry for all this junk taht's in my mind and sorry for bad english, hoping to get something ,
Thank you!
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  1. Hey! what about sager, they offer good specs for gaming laptopts! are they trustworthy?
  2. from dell outlet you can get this 17R with a geforce 630m and 4GB RAM and i3-2470 (2.4Ghz dual core)

    less than £400
  3. Well as for now I am reading about Clevo-Sager laptops and they seem very nice, i am talking about "bang for the buck". And they seem pretty reliable as well, i can take 3 year warranty for 150$, which is very pleasing for me
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