MAME: Debug users, please lend me a clue.

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So I have a good bit of programming background. But it's all load over
client stuff. So I don't know a lot about the actual machine code but
plan on learning VERY soon.

First I compiled mame for debug, and tossed in a romset for the z80
platform. I wanted to play with it to sorta refresh myself. However
admittedly I am very bad at interpreting instructions and documentation
and am unsure if i'm just not interpreting things properly, OR if I am
and I just can't do this. But the problem is this.

I want to either

A: Slow down the debug flow because it's moving too damn fast for me
too pick up on what is what.


B: pick a line of code and step through it and see what it does on the
screen. I looked into the step feature but thats where I think I am
misunderstanding things.

If someone could help me get started in this I'm sure I could pick up
the rest hands on. Thanks in advance.

- Matt
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    What version of mame? If it's prior to about .89 you will boot up to
    a black debugger screen. the code is on the left and all your
    registers and flags are upper right. Press F8 to execute the first
    line of code and then look at the registers to see what it did. Set a
    break point with BP XXXX and escape to get past loops. That's how I
    learned z80.

    If you're newer than that I can't really help you. I've tried to use
    the new debugger a couple of times and gotten frustrated and quit. But
    it seems like it uses f11 to step. IIrc what set me off last time I
    tried was I couldn't figure out how to print a dissassembly. So i've
    stopped updating MAME and I'm stuck at .87
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    SOrry about the lack of info guys. Appreciate all the tips, and I'm
    using them wisely.

    I run XP pro, P4 processor, gigabyte of RAM. I compiled the newest
    version of mame as of yesterday. Can't recall the version and too lazy
    to look ;)

    - Matt
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    Then you have the new debugger. I guess neither of us can help you
    much. Type help at the command line to get more info about commands.
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    Yeah, quite! It _LOOKS_ quite good though so i should probably try it
    under wine or something at some point.

    I'm only going by how the interface looks though. Under the hood, it
    might not be any better than the old debugger, but i seriously doubt it
    since they don't normally do things for the sake of it :)

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    >From what I've seen it's much better. No more pushing d and typeing 4
    d's instead. :)
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