gfx card probs

just recently my graphics card has started playing up big time its fine for 2d display and plays non 3d games fine, but the minute i try and play something in 3d my it works for like 2mins and locks and usually black screens, b4 i got vpu recover error i checked some boards and it recommended turning this and fast writes of so i did still the same problem. ive tried every catalyst driver from 4.1 - 4.11 all have the same problem i even re-installed windows but to no avail plz help.

athlon 2500
512mb crucial ram 333mhz
nf7-s v2
windows xp sp2
radeon 9700 non pro
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  1. This may be totally obvious, but i assure you im not trying to insult your intelligence!

    have you checked your PSU? maybe you need to upgrade it? maybe someone with a bit more knowledge could provide a better answer. :S
  2. Not sure, but if you've tried fastwrites, try also updating your mobo chipset drivers, and your Mobo bios, those are other items.

    Two others things, what is your Power Supply model/name and wattage. Also try running your rig with the side panel open and see if that helps (if it does it's likely a temperature problem).

    Well seems like someone else has beaten me to the PSU suggestion.

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  3. well im 99% certain its not the psu ive had it for over a year and the graphics card for 2, i already have the side panel off for extra ventilation cuz i know my athlon runs hot. but that suggest about motherboard drivers may be worth checking out i think i only updated to 5.1 a few months which may be what the issue is
  4. Pull the card. Check the VPU fan for dust, clean as necessary. Check to make sure it spins freely. Put it back in, make sure the fan runs when the system is on.

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  5. okay tried re-installing my motherboard drivers and graphics ones to but to no avail, but i had a proper look in inside my case and it appears my gfx card fan aint moving at all but im not sure if its suppose to when im just doing normal windows stuff.
  6. I'd give your card about three days without a fan, or a couple of minutes at D3. Change the fan.
  7. anyone recommend me a decent fan i think 3 days was an under estimated it i dont think its been spinning for at least 2 week cuz thats how long ive not been able to play 3d games for maybe a bit longer
  8. Decent cheap video card fan would be the crystal orb.

    Helps to lap it though. But if you're running the card at stock speeds it should be fine out of the box.

    Make sure you clean the old thermal tape off and get some nice thermal paste!

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