How many hours do you spend gaming?

How do you have time to play all these games? If it takes an average 50 hours to play a game to completion/enough to get sick of it, it would take 100 years just to play all the current releases!
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  1. Do you think senior high students have time to play games?

    Well, actually, I do as long as I don't have a big project. I usually play about an hour a day, maybe a little more on weekends, and a lot on long sterchs of holidays or if I happen to have a friend over, since I have a home network.

    My collection is approximately 50 games or so, but I haven't completed most of them. Right now I'm trying to complete Medal of Honor.
  2. Well, I don't have enough time to play all the games I want. Stupid job wastes 60+ hours a week of my time that could be better spent gaming.

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  3. I completed MOHAA, thats a nice game, and you dont need a decent comp to play it. I completed it on a p3 750 and intel i810 integrated graphics! (AHAHAHAHA)

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  4. I spend about 4hrs or more on gaming lol, need to relax during the day...:P me in HS to. Ack, i finised all my games now i am addicted to AAO(Americas Army Operations) and soon to be GTA Vice City....AHHHHH

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  5. Nowadays, perhaps 1 or 2 hours a day...somedays I don´t play at all.
    When I was unemployd (those were the days *tears in my eyes*) I used to play games from 12:00 to 06:00, nonstop.

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  6. How many hours to finish MOHAA, approximately?
  7. 12-6? you mean 12PM-6AM? you barely slept!
  8. depends on how drunk or stoned I am

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  9. too many. hehe nuf said.

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  10. I know...I lived this sort of miserable life for almost a year, it´s fun for awhile, but in the end it slowly breaks you down.

    No job, no cash, sleeping habits gone wacko (sometimes I woke up around 24:00 or later), just a lousy computer and a handful of games.

    Oh well, it´s better now...

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  11. Ummm...I can understand if you play games while youre stoned, but drunk?...weeee.

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  12. I play massively multiplayer air combat flight sims ..(airwarrior 3d until it died, Aces High etc) actually drunk is easier than stoned .. stoned your attention wanders and you are easy pickings for the alt monkeys (pilots that stay very high and dive in on ya if your SA (situational awareness) is poor

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  13. I think it´s harder to play while you´re drunk...I tend to take more risks.

    If I´m stoned and play for example ColinMcRae2 I easily get into the flow of
    the game and have no problems whatsoever staying on the road and
    finish with respectable times.
    Ofcourse it depends of how stoned I am.
    If I´m on my first joint everything is dandy.
    If I´ve been smoking all the day things doesn´t look that bright:
    My brain register that the road seems to turn to the right, but before
    my thc-oiled brain can send the message to my thumbs it´s all too late and I find
    my car in a shrubbery.

    If I´m drunk I just get pissed off because the car doesn´t stay on the road
    and after a ten minutes thestosterone build up during play, everything that can go wrong
    goes wrong...I violently trash the controller while screaming like a horny gorilla (that doesn´t get some)
    After the screaming & trashing I open up another beer and try it again :P
    (after borrowing my neighbours controller that is)

    It´s kind of cool how drugs can transform a "normal" & "civilized" human being
    into a primitive baboon in just half an hour.

    Oh well, drugs have different effetcs on different people (oh, I´m so [-peep-] wise)

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  14. YOu were unemployed for a year and just played video games? SOunds like a pretty nice life to me!
  15. Yeah well, the coin has a flipside...

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  16. HMMM, i am going to buy GTA Vice city when it comes out. When i play GTA3 when i came out i played for over 100hrs in 5 days something like that. i can't remember ack. lol soo funn but got so tiring lol, soo tired as in sleep. lol, eyes hurt to. lol

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  17. 4 - 6 hours a day. lots of sof2, some ut2k3, and i cant wait for doom 3

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  18. Ok, the effects of being stoned and playing games is the OPPOSITE of what you said. Your mind doesn't wander, your senses highten and you become very aware and focused. I find that I play best when I'm high. Of course like that one guy said, it really depends on how high. But unless I've smoked 3+ bowls of hydro, I'm fine. If I'm drunk, I'm just happy if I can stay seated and not fall over.

    I play games about 1-3 hours a day. But as with other guy(sorry I didn't look at the names), I can't friggin' wait till GTA Vice City! Badass. As for now I'm playing mostly NOFL2, UT2003, and NHL 2003 if I could get that piece of ass to work.
  19. I beg to differ .. try a real combat flight sim ( full realism) both ways .. SA ( situational awareness) suffers much more when stoned than when drunk

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  20. Yea, I didn't really apply that statement to more complex games. Sorry.

    I mainly play shoot 'em up type games. Plus some sports and racing games. I guess it's easier to "zone" in on more simplistic games.

    Games fun.

  21. I agree with ya there FPS games are better stoned .. and those hours just FLY by !! :smile:

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  22. I don't get stoned or Drunk so i dunno what it feels like and i don't think i want to start. hearing from u guys, u have a good time lol, but sitll me no stoned till never and drunk me not hehe. lol GTA VICE CITYYYY!!! WOOT. front wheelies!!!

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  23. And more power to ya. I don't smoke or drink because I need to feel good all the time, or take my mind off something. I do it because it's be honest. Now drinking not so much. But smoking? Have you ever heard of someone being killed by a stoned driver?

    Sorry to be off topic. Last time. :smile:
  24. Tunnel vision comes to mind and I'm pretty sure there have been plenty of accidents.

    As far as gaming...not enough. Wish I had more time.

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  25. Many many hours, gesh if I did something more productive with that time on my computer I would be rich. I replay many games over and over again like Serious Sam, I think I am on my fourth run now, SSSE I will be on my third run. Max Payne oh boy, that will start shortly again, NOLF twice, playing NOLF2 now, QuakeIII I can't count how many times I went through all the levels. Middle of RTCW also. In short, TOO many hours and loving it.
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