Need decent gamming laptop for college

Hey guy's this is my first time posting here and I'm asking for a little advice. I'm starting off college and I need a laptop for school.
I'm looking for something for casual gamming such as WOW or other steam games. The best gamming laptop I can get for that kind of money. I already have a pretty good desktop so I don't want anything crazy so I'm looking to spend around 500-700 dollars. I'm looking for a decent battery life and something portable if it's lightweight and has a smaller screen then it'd be better. Also if there's any deals for college students it'd be better. So I was wondering what I should lean towards buying. Thanks!
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  1. This is $150 over your price range, but I've been pleasantly surprised how cable this machine is: Comes with a GeForce GT 630M and an i7.
  2. Quote:
    Hi Raula

    1. I think all the major known brands like HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc. have students discounts.

    2. How portable? Do you prefer more portability or more gaming power?

    The best I can think of under 700$ is the HP dv6z-7000 with Radeon 7730M, A6-4400M CPU, 6GB DDR3 and a very good matte FullHD screen - this screen makes it worth:
    it would be 705$.

    The screen is also the reason I recommend this laptop so much.

    HP has an Xbox 360 4GB coupon - you buy 699$+ laptop and get an Xbox 360 4GB for free. You can then sell it:

    Thanks alot for that student deal. They were out on the xbox but they gave me 100 off so I picked up this beauty for 650! Thanks guys!
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