What is Pipeline mean?

hi all.. i'm ivan. i'm a new user in tomshardware. i very confuse about the meaning pipeline in VGA, what it is for? what do you think is the best mid end vga for now? thx for all you attention, bye...
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  1. Pixel pipelines in a Graphics GPU refer to how many pixels a graphics card can process in parralel (at the same time) in one GPU cycle.

    Pipelines is usually the defining factor in how powerful a GPU is. GPU clockspeed (in Mhz) is closely tied to this though, because the faster the clockspeed, the more times per second that the GPU can use it's pipelines.

    Best mid-end card? Depends what your price range is. At the $200 price point right now it's probably the 6600GT.

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  2. Well, apart from what Cleeve said, pipeline concept into CPUs and GPUs originally came into being from the conveyer belt system Ford develeoped for cars. Working in parallelism.

    another meaning -
    "A continuous pipe conduit, complete with such equipment as valves, compressor stations, communications systems, and meters for transporting natural and/or supplemental gas from one point to another, usually from a point in or beyond the producing field or processing plant to another pipeline or to points of utilization."

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  3. Best mid price cards are. 6600GT and 9800Pro.
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