older Radeon 9700 AGP x8 screwed up

After my Radeon 9700 pro has possibly overheated due to a burned out fan, I can no longer turn on fastwrites or switch to anything higher than x1 AGP without it freezing or resetting VPU in games. Swapped out motherboard - does the same thing.

As I have had the card for around three years and recently replaced the burnt fan in it, I don't need anything more powerful right now. I don't want to replace it. But if this is going to damage the computer running it like this I need to know..

I currently have it set at AGP x1 no fastwrites - runs fine with new fan at these settings.

Anyone know exactly what went wrong or have had the same problem?
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  1. Did you replace the fan, or the whole cooler?

    Might be worthwhile taking it off, removing the shim, cleaning the heatsink and replacing the crappy thermal tape with some nice arctic silver. It'll help the heat conductivity and might get rid of the problem if it's a heat issue.

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  2. I just replaced the fan which was a pain in the a$$ to do since the new one didn't fit at first.

    Can't stand messing with the heatsinks and stuff but that's a good idea. Think i'll try it.

  3. yeah i have a radeon 9700 and ive recently been getting vpu errors to, also i noticed my fan on my card doesnt appear to be moving is this dangerous
  4. If you do anything heavy in 3D, you will see a few errors, before you let all the smoke out of your card. If it's under warranty, rma it, if not, replace the fan--now.
  5. Yeah I would replace the fan now before your AGP gets screwed up like mine. Don't run it until you do. I ran it for a night without it with a fan blowing into the case and it still didn't help much. I think the burnt out motor causes more heat having power to it and you can't just unplug it or it won't boot.
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