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Hi fellow gamers :) I am new to buying computers and need a laptop that can run World of Warcraft. I have a very small budget, probably under 400 dollars is best. i am not looking for one with amazing perks, just internet and to get the job done. The new patch on the game made the graphics better on even my ancient Dell Inspiron 1501. So know of any cheap, gaming laptops?
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  1. Does it have to be a laptop? 400 dollars probably won't cut it for a gaming laptop. You would get a lot more bang for your buck going for a desktop.

    With that said, maybe those new Trinity chips from AMD will do the job for a cheap gaming laptop but still not sure if you can get them for as low as 400.
  2. Asus A6-3420M

    This periodically drops in price. I got it from newegg for $350 two weeks ago.
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