I'm looking for a cheap laptop for my mother. She will be using it for office work (comfortable keyboard) and internet, so i found these two laptops under £400. Which one is better ? (+1 for samsung's portability)


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  1. Samsung is a clear winner in this particular case.
    Even though it has weaker processor (just a little bit weaker than that of Lenovo's) and it's HDD has smaller capacity, it has more memory (which is always good, especially for non-game applications (like "Photoshop" image editing software, "Sony Vegas" video editing software, and etc)) than Lenovo option, and it's display has a matte anti-glare (great visibility even under open sun) coating, which is MUCH better than the standard glossy display of the Lenovo.
    Also - Samsung option has a much better Ethernet adapter on board (up to 1 Gigabit (1000 Mbit), while Lenovo offers only up to 100 Mbit).
    Since the notebook would be mainly used for work and internet browsing, I highly recommend getting Samsung option - it's a much better choice for that particular kind of usage.
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