9800 pro vs 6600gt AGP

Ok, well from the title, you probably can get a good idea of what I'm talking about in this post. I'm thinking of Buying a 6600 gt, instead of what I was thinking about getting before, a 9800 pro. The 9800 pro is BBA, 128 mb (256 bit). And the 6600 GT is (Taken directly from the site) "XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128MB Dual DVI AGP 8X DX 9 DDR3". Its gonna cost about $15 more for the 6600gt, but from the benchies, it seems worth it. HOWEVER, it going to be put into a machine with. . . a 2500+ cpu, 512mb (pc 3200, in single channel mode), and (I think) agp 4x (its my brother comp, and thats all the details I can remember). Now I know, when agp 8x hit the street, everyone said "Oh its doesnt matter, 8x isnt that much faster than 4x. 4x still has plenty of bandwidth!" But now that these cards are getting faster, will it make much of a difference (assuming it is 4x, I dont remember)? The 8x vs 4x thing aside, will the cpu and mem limit the performance much? Is it worth the $15 to get the faster 6600gt?

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  1. Don't worry about the AGP speed, the differences while mathematically there, won't impact gameplay enough to notice.

    The GF6600GT is still the better choice. I would try and find somone other than XFX as I don't like them personally.

    An updrage from an R9800Pro to a GF6600GT, not worth it, but picking either/or, then the GF6600GT will be the winner 95+% of the time IMO.

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  2. Good advice, as always! I found an e-vga for about $10 more than the XFX, is it a much better brand?

    Ok, considering the rest of his system (and the fact that it wont likely be upgraded anytime soon), how much worse would a bba 9600xt perform? I can get that for about $70 less than the 6600gt, so its kinda tempting too. Keep in mind, he's still using my old R7000 64mb, so anyone of these will be a good improvement.
  3. Isn't XFX the new name for "Pine", the motherboard maker that was always trying to out-cheap PC-Chips?

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  4. <A HREF="http://img73.exs.cx/img73/149/Snap23.jpg" target="_new">Yes</A>

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  5. Out cheap pc chips? Is that possible? I heard that pc chips stop using silicon and switched to using the teeth of small children.
  6. I guess the 9600xt isnt getting any lovin'? How about a 9800se?
  7. I'd say that the system wouldn't hold back enough to make it a huge impact, and always it should add a level or two of AA/AF reardless.

    If you're stuck with 1280x1024, why not run at 4XAA/8XAF rather than just plain 1280x1024?

    I'd say that both an R9800pro/xt and GF6600GT would offer you the greater flexability. They are seriously far better than the R9600XT, and that card should only be though of as worthy if you are monitor limited or something or really need the cash then go with the savings. However the ability to play the games at higher resolution would be a benifit even on an XP2500+. I wouldn't say you would be too seriously CPU limited, but definitely it will have an impact on games that are very CPU intensive. The way I see it, even in Games like HL2 and D3, you'd be able to move the textures/shadows/reflections to high whereas the R9600XT would have to take a hit somewhere, be it texture quality or resolution.

    And the R9800SE is not better, in fact I'd say the R9800SE is at BEST the equal of the R9600XT, unless you can mod it into an R9800Pro, which is risky for most people (although you could ask Wusy about that).

    Anywhoo, that's just my view as always.

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  8. Don't waste your money on the 9800se. What's your price range?
  9. My price range is somewhat flexible. Its pretty much maxed out at $200, though I'd prefer to keep it around the $150 mark. I'm kinda torn on how much I want to spend. On the one hand, I know what I would want if someone else was buying it for me. But then, I think. . .its my money that I'm spending on a card to give as a gift to someone using a R7000. And, the more I spend on this gift, the less I have to spend on everyone elses gifts. Sooo, the more affordable, the better. I just had an idea though, of checking out the refurbs at NewEgg.

    "REFURBISHED: MSI ATI RX9800PRO Video Card, 128MB DDR, 256-bit, DVI/S-Video, 8X AGP, Model "RX9800PRO-TD128" (OEM, BAREBONE)"

    I thought that looked pretty promising, and at $166 shipped, its right about what I want to spend. Any opinions on MSI in particular? The card specs claim to be

    "Chipset/Core Speed: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro/378MHz
    Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/676MHz
    BUS: AGP 4X/8X
    Ports: VGA + DVI + S-Video
    Support 3D API: DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 1.5
    Cable/Accessories: S-Video Cable, Driver, Games Bundle (see pics)
    Max Resolution@32bit Color:2048X1536@65Hz"

    Its supposed to have the 256bit mem, which is good of course!

    Well, thats all I have for now. Thanks for the great responses everyone! I'm not used to getting feedback from so many of the forum gods.
  10. much of a muchness, MSI prob didnt make the card...

    check what sorta warranty this card would have though, u dont want it to fall over days after buying it with no comeback... (those core/mem Mhz figures look a bit odd, original figures are according to spreadsheet i have show Core 380MHz & Mem 340MHz)

    128mb/256bit memory interface, it should b much better than getting a 9600XT...
    (a 9700pro wit Doom3/HL2 is fine up to medium quality @1024x768 (ie for me) so a 9800pro should b even better)

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  11. *sigh* its oos now.

    But, what made you think that it might not be a true MSI card?
  12. Harsh words for RV350 there, grape.

    Aren't you still running one?

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  13. Hey I love my card, but I can't control pricing.

    The R9800Pro and the GF6600GT Agp both pound the heck out of my card. Of course we're talking either about twice the price at launch or a year and a half after my card.

    Now it just no longer competes with the new 'mid range' cards.

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  14. I think most if not all 380/340(680) 9800 pro's are actually clocked 378/338(676). All the ones I have used were anyhow.

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  15. True, but 9600 pro's can be found for $100-$110 new here, making it a great performing value card now. Likewise at $170-$200 the 9800 Pro is no longer high performance, but a decent midrange buy. (not that I need to explain this to you, just sticking up for your card :wink: )

    Pricewise, the 6600GT sounds out for him, so R9600Pro/XT, R9700/P R9800/P are his best options. I think for around $100 a 9600 pro would be <b>a nice gift</b> and perform pretty well in that system.

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  16. Now I'm looking at a 9800np. Its about $115. That would surely beat a 9600xt right?
  17. As long as it's not 128bit memory it should handly trounce the R9600 series. Only the plain R9700np had RARE loses to the R9600s, and that was due to architecture and very specific testing. The R9800non-pro is more equivalent to an R9700Pro.

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  18. Well, after missing out on the $155 R9800p, I decided to get the $115 R9800np while I could. Hopefully it works out ok (ebay always causes a bit of concern to me). But the seller said that he was able to get the speed on his up to 425mhz core and 640mhz memory, after over-clocking (he installed a vga silencer. . .dont know what revision). And like I said, its replacing a R7000, so I dont think I'll hear any complaints either way.

    Thanks a lot for all your help!
  19. On the 128-bit part, I'm assuming (which is dangerous, I know) thats its not 128-bit, since it was bba. I <i>think</i> Saphire was the only maker to do that. If nothing else, I'm just hoping that ati <b>didnt</b> make any 128bits.
  20. Sapphire and Powercrapper.

    BBA should be safe (as long as he didn't lie about that).

    That it's been OC'd and has a VGA vilencer on it (whic is good), should make you a little concerned about him frying it, however it's more likely that he's now moded and OC'd an X800PRO or GF6800 than having fried his old card.

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