Hello, I lost the CD to program my new computer to my eos 300d cannon rebel. How can I download the pictures without the CD? Please write back


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  1. get the software and drivers from their website...
  2. One option is to get a CF card reader and plug the camera's CF card into it.
  3. Yes, if you're good at remembering to put your card back into your camera afterwards...
  4. Well if remembering is a problem then connecting via USB is the best bet. Bet you wouldn't have to forget too many times before it finally clicks.

    Below is a quote from another site that may help in getting the camera and Win7 to communicate with each other.

    "Dutch Canon support reacted really fast and suggested to go to the menu on the Camera, select a tap (on mine the last tap) where you get the "communications" item
    change this from "normal" to ptp and off you go.

    Camera is communicating with windows 7 again."
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