queston for AIW 9800pro vs AIW 9600xt

Hi, guys:
I am thinking to buy the AIW card for the first time. Now the prices of AIW 9800pro and AIW 9600XT are very close. Would someone help to make the decision? I don't play games, care about the more about the TV quality and dual monitor support.Thanks.
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  1. If you don't play games, get the 9600XT AIW. The primary difference is the ability to play games faster.

    Heck, if the computer will never see a game, save the cash and get an All-in-wonder 9200 or all-in-wonder 9000 PRO.

    Just make sure the one you get comes with the REMOTE WONDER. Real handy, those.

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  2. tle 9600aiw has radio 9800 doesnt
    It also has hl2 and the remote wonder 2 I thimk

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