PCI Express vs AGP 8x

I am going to build a new computer. I am debating whether to go for PCI Express MB / Graphics card.
Can anyone share if there is a big advantage to this (since it limits a little bit my options)?
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  1. If I were building a new system right now, I'd never go AGP. Not that PCIe is so much better, just that you're screwed if you want to use a PCI express card - graphics or non-graphics. It's the new standard.

    Building an AGP platform now will limit you as far as upgrade choices in the next couple years. This is the most compelling reason to go PCIe.

    If you already have a kick-ass graphics card, the choice is a little more difficult.
    But if you're starting from scratch, this is a no-brainer. Build yourself a PCI-e platform, because you want this computer to last more than a year, right?

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  2. To take the other side... :)

    If you build a new computer every few years and don't upgrade it piece by piece during that time, then it doesn't matter whether you go AGP or PCI-E today. Current graphics cards don't use all of an AGP 8x's capacity, and PCI-Ex16 is about twice that (or is it 4x... whatever - it's faster either way).

    I expect (getting out the crystal ball - which has been wrong on occasion) that for a while, you will find any needed expansion card (with the possible exception of video cards) in both PCI and PCI-E versions for the next couple/few years. Much the same way that ISA hung around for a few years after PCI came about.

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