Problem with hard drive for hp laptop.

It is an hp dv4
Thank you in advance.
The hard drive was removed and then put back in, but the hard drive won't read anymore. Worked fine before.
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  1. why was it removed? and anything happened to it between then and when you put it back in?
  2. Stupid me wanted to see what kind of hd it was. It literally on the floor for about 5 minutes was well, if it makes any difference i was doing it on the floor i live on a second floor apartment.
  3. Getting any error when you boot up?
  4. no bootable device insert boot disk and press, This is the error that i get. Also, i went into the diagnostics, and it also said that the hd didnt exist.
  5. When you put it back it, did you make sure it is in tight.
    Question, did you pull the battery out before you pull the hd out?
  6. Yes i did make sure it was tight, i also removed the metal piece and tried it like that to make sure everything connected, cleaned and everything. i did not pull the battery before i pulled out the hd....=/ did that do something?
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    It might, as most recommend removing the battery as it might fry something.
    Unless you have a someway to tell the hd with another identical laptop, my suggestion is to go to computer shop to get them to take a look at it to see what need to replace, or might be just cheaper to get a new laptop.
  8. Ah yes, i dont have a way to do that. =/ Yeah hopefully i can find a way to test them, thank you! fro helping me.
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  10. HDD might be toast.

    Like rgd1101 suggested, try using the HDD with another computer.

    Easy way of doing this is getting an external HDD case for 2.5" HDDs and putting it in there and seeing if another computer can access the drive. If its still accessible, the drive is most likely okay, but would recommended testing the drive as well. Backup the data files if you can.

    It might have affected the SATA controller when you took it out with the battery still in the laptop.

    If that's the case, and you're out-of-warranty, buy a new laptop. You'd have to replace the motherboard, and it is not worth the cost. HP's cost for a motherboard replacement is $329.
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