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Hey everyone,

So my current laptop is the Dell Inspiron 6000 (It was free so I just took it from my brother near 5 years ago). It's beginning to not be able to run youtube videos smoothly on 240p, it's getting heated up just simply running microsoft word, as well the screen is cracked in so many places I cannot see about 100% of my top right corner as well as some other random places on the screen. I considered this a good time to purchase a new laptop! :D

So I'm in the market for some laptops to purchase anywhere from now until boxing day. I'm in the 500-600 range (can go to 700 but unless it isn't absolutely worth it I won't). I will be using this laptop for, from most important task to least important tast: general school work (pdf textbooks, excel, word, etc..), internet browsing/videos/movies (blu-ray not needed), and moderate gaming (minecraft, maybe diablo 3 on med-low settings, not high demanding 3-D games). I am not looking for a laptop in which to take to school everyday, just a computer with laptop portability.

I'm looking at these models of laptops from lenovo:
***(If you know of a better laptop to suit my needs please by all means suggest it!)***

If I do consider getting this model, is it best to get it now (moderate sales every few weeks ) or during boxing day sales? Again, if I consider this model, is it worth my money to upgrade to the i7 processor? I will not be doing any video editing/encoding or photoshop.

Thank you for the help guys!
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  1. I don't really mind the resolution too much so long as it's decent (ie I don't need retinal display from apple). If it will be an issue for that screen size though I will reconsider because I'm quite comfortable in dealing with lenovo.

    One thing I must say though is that I cannot find a laptop of that series with a nvidia 630m on either the american or canadian sites even though they advertise it on their sites as well as sell it on and some people offer it on ebay.
  2. Unfortunately I cannot buy that one from since I live in Canada. I checked the Canadian site with the model number and nothing came up in the search. :\
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