Data loss on shut-down

I hope someone can help me!

Currently, when I shut down, I lose any changes and upon boot, it says the system did not shutdown properly and that there was data loss. I'm using a vertex LE 100gb solid state drive and running windows 7 trial.
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  1. Windows 7 RC version expired 1st of June and all were notified of the impending end of the RC and the fact that you would no longer be able to save files.
    You will not be able to save any work on it. Everyone has has had over a year to choose if they want to keep using it or to revert to their previous OS.
    You need to purchase the retail version if you wish to keep using it. There is no way around this.
  2. Yeah, what he said.

    Time to cough up.
  3. Yes tikkiman - the others here are correct! The RC has expired, and has been in the process of expiring for months now. If by the slight chance you did not know about the expiration date, you can read about what to do here (including how to revert back to your previous OS or install Windows 7 as a full version) -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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