Low res Non-IPS Zenbook UX32VD?

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for the Zenbook UX32VD with the non-IPS lower resolution screen anywhere except Bestbuy (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+13.3%26%2334%3B+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Radiant+Silver/6013706.p?id=1218714256299&skuId=6013706&st=zenbook%20ux32vd&cp=1&lp=2).

I do not want the higher res screen (do NOT want). It adds $300 to the price and practically every review talks about how it's really too high of a res for typical operation on a 13.3" screen, to the point that scaling text in Windows 7 messes up websites, etc. I am perfectly happy with 720p and mediocre viewing angles, thanks.

I was hoping the lower res would be on Amazon, but it's not as far as I can tell. Does anyone know if there's anywhere else I can get this? The model is UX32VD-R5504H, and according to ASUS and several reviewers the lower res versions *should* be available normally.

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  1. I bought that exact one. It is great, however the track pad is useless! You will need a mouse to do anything.
  2. Thanks for the replies, but that's not the right Zenbook- that's the UX32A, I need the UX32VD with the ivybridge i5 and discrete graphics (look at the Bestbuy link).

    Any ideas?
  3. After a lot if research, its the one I want. Now, do you know anywhere else I can get it or not?
  4. Going by google shopping, its not available anywhere other than bestbuy. Do they not have bestbuy where you live? You might have a store affiliated with best buys store and be able to "order" one to that store...

    Just a thought. Oh and try to brighten up, were trying to help you here :)
  5. Sorry, didn't mean to be snippy- typing from my phone and didn't take a good look at it before I submitted. Yeah, I was hoping someone would have some other magical way of finding out where I can this darned elusive ultrabook. I have a Bestbuy, but they have crappy extended warranties and I thought it was weird I was only seeing it there. Maybe other retailers will get it around black friday?
  6. It could be exclusively for BestBuy.
  7. Any idea if this exact model has a built-in SD card slot? I know the specs on BestBuy.com says no but I just want to verify as I really prefer this Windows 7 model over the Windows 8 one. Much appreciated!
  8. I have one if you still want it. But in uk

  9. I have one if you still want it. But in uk

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