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New Toshiba Satellite P850 (i7-3610QM + GT630M) Heat Issue?


A friend of mine bought a new laptop last week (Toshiba Satellite P850 : PSPKBC-057010),

The CPU (Intel Core i7-3610QM) idles at around 60 C, and under load it goes up to 85-90 C, I'm wondering if this is normal, I'm mostly used to destkop computers so it seems high to me. (results obtained with Prime95 or while playing Guild Wars 2). The fans ramps up to 90% under load which means it probably works properly but I'm not sure it's good enough.

The GPU (GT 630M) seems fine though it idle at around 60 C but it doesn't seem to go above 75 C under load (tested with Kombuster)

I got the temps using the Toshiba monitoring software and also by using the "All CPU Meter" widget. Sadly, I don't think I have access to any more temperature sensors. (MB temp would have been nice)

I've looked through all the manual and I can't find any mention of what a normal operating temperature should be

Any input would be appreciated

Thank you
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    Idle temps on both "Should" be lower. but manufacturers have been known to under-equip laptops with effective coolers. i have a gaming laptop and i generally idle about CPU: 50c, and GPU: 42c
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  3. I am having the same problem and when I called Toshiba it was a no questions asked, please return for repair answer, I suspected immediately its a know fault in the model. Mine is 5 weeks old and they wont exchange it only repair. Trouble is its a week or more turnaround for me to send it off..nice work Toshiba.
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