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my mousepad and mouse on my laptop have recently stopped working properly.
Only the buttons on the mouse pad work, and on the external mouse, the mouse movement stops and starts working, the buttons do not work properly, you have to click like 10 times to get any response.
web pages behave like the scroll bar is being scrolled up and down, system settings jump between tabs and scroll bars scroll all by themselves, like the mouse has mind of its own.

The actual mouse is not the issue as I have tested it on another computer.
also tried different usb ports.

the OS/driver cannot be the issue, as I have a dual boot system with windows and linux, and have the exact same issue.

any ideas what's going on here?
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  1. I think that you have a faulty mouse pad. Try disabling the driver for the mouse pad in device manager, then you should be able to use the external mouse.
  2. i found the problem, when opening the device manager, i could see it kept refreshing and the mouse kept appearing and disappearing, so the system seems to think the mouse is being plugged and unplugged.
    I looked for the mouse pad driver but couldn't see it. All I have under mouse devices is HID compatible mouse (which is the external mouse) and ps2 compatible mouse. If I remove the ps2 mouse then it needs to reboot amf comes back again.
  3. You don't want to remove the mouse otherwise it will just come back again as you discovered, simply disable the mouse instead. To disable the mouse right click the PS2 mouse entry in device manager and select disable.
  4. the problem is that I cannot right click as I cannot use the mouse, I have to unplug it and use the keyboard, is there a keyboard shortcut for right click ?
  5. Yes there is a alternative for the mouse right click. It is the keyboard button next to the ctrl key on the Alt Gr side of the space bar. If you cannot disable the mouse pad in software then you will have to physically disable it.
  6. sadly there is no disable option. Would the mousepad really be causing this issue with the mouse though, causing it to constantly install and uninstall
  7. It could be the port or the cable that plugs into the port is the real problem. If either one is the problem, then it could be possible that is what is causing the continuous activation / deactivation of the mouse driver.

    Sadly, the only way to see if that is the problem is to physically disconnect the mousepad from the motherboard which means taking the laptop apart. It could also be the mousepad cable is loose.

    There is no way to test if the port (I assume it's USB) the mousepad connects to is defective or not without bringing your laptop into a repair store. At least replacement mousepads are available, but you need to find one specific to your laptop model.
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