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I had to reinstall XP on a Dell Inspiron B120 purchased around 2006 or 2007. I have no original recovery or driver CD. Now, The device manager says a few things still need drivers, such as Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI, Video, etc. I went to Dell, where they do still have a bunch of drivers for the B120. Copied them to CD, inserted CD, and the Driver Installation Wizard still says the drivers are no good. (Does a search, even in manual mode, still says it can't find the drivers.) Yes, I went to the device manager and tried re-installing/rolling back previous driver, no luck. I even downloaded the Broadcom Ethernet driver (apparently it has a model 5701 Gigabit) from Braodcom's website directly, force-installed it and now it says "Device cannot start - error code 10." No drivers I have found work, but I suspect there is some problem deeper than that because these drivers should work.

Obviously, since I have no ethernet or network drivers, I can't get online with this machine ... I can only use CD. I am currently using another computer to get the drivers onto CD.

Any Ideas? Is there any way to piggy-back this machine to another computer and use the other computer's internet connection to try and get the right drivers? I think if I could just get the internet to work (LAN or wireless), I could get the right drivers via an outside-source scan of some type.

Thanx for any help!
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  1. Thank you, anonymous1!

    This worked for almost everything except I still have a drive missing for "Network Controller." I have attempted to use the drivers that the Dell support site has (other drivers from this site worked), but it still says no good.

    My question now is, what is the name of the hardware so I can find the right exact driver for it. It won't say anywhere, including in the Device manager exactly what the device is. Any ideas?
  2. By the way, in the "details" pane for that last device, it does say ...PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4318&SUBSYS_00051028&REV_02\4&2FA23535&0&18F0
  3. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I had this same problem when one of my hard drives died in my old Dell Inspiron B120. You can actually use the driver from the Dell website, but it's got a weird glitch in it where it will tell you that it isn't able to find any compatible hardware and will exit. BUT, it is wrong.

    The correct driver is included in the self-extracting file named R94827_ZPE.exe. It has a really long name and is listed under the Network tab. It starts with "Dell Wireless 1350 WLAN..." and covers the Wireless 1370 WLAN card.

    Run the self-extracting file, it will create a folder under "C:\dell\drivers\4X7C1\", extract, attempt to run and fail. Then, pull up your device manager, go to Other Devices, Network Controller, Reinstall driver, and make sure to tell it to look in the "4X7C1" folder.
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