Help, Doom3 runs GREAT, Far Cry has Issues.

OK, I know I am not giving all the info here, but I will do my best. For starters, here are some of my system specs.
Athlon 64 3200+ 939 90nm
Zalman 7000 HSF (not using the Fan Controller, plugged directly in the MOBO.
CORSAIR XMS Xtreme Memory Speed Series DDR PC-3200 (512MBx2) (2-2-2-5)
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
Antec True Power 380W PSU
WD Raptor 74 Gig.
OK, here it goes, I have not OC'd anything. I have Cool'N'Quiet turned on. I do not have the Core-Center or Digi-Cell from MSI installed anymore (as they greatly conflicted with my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum I believe), I turned off AGP- Fast-Write in the BIOS. I have my memory and other stuff all set to AUTO in the BIOS. I also have Aggressive timing turned on in the BIOS. SATA DMA is disabled (should it be?). Before I turned off Fast-Write, Doom3 would run AWESOME on Ultra Quality, But Far Cry would barely run, and NFSU2 would go for like 5 minutes perfectly, then stall for 5-10 seconds. I turned off Fast-Write, and NFSU2 ran without a hitch, Doom3=still perfect, and far cry seemed to run great. The next time I played Far Cry after about 20-30 minutes, I start getting halting. The game just locks for a few seconds then runs great again. What I don't get, is Doom3 is pretty demanding, and I run fine with that set in Ultra mode. MBM5 states my processor is at like 110-130 degrees F and NVIDIA says the 6800GT is around 130-140 degrees F. The ambient temperature in my case is reported at around 80-90 degrees. I need help, why would Doom3 run perfect, and Far Cry have issues after a while? I can run other tests if people tell me what programs to download and what to run on them... Also, my machine can run FOLDING @ Home just fine, keeping the CPU @ 100% usage and the temp is around 110-120 on average I would say... I don't know what to do about this, but I know for the amount of money I spent building it, it should work better... ;)
Thanks for any suggestions and help...
I posted this in the Graphics Cards forum cause I assumed this may be some problem with a setting on my 6800GT, I could be completely wrong though..

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  1. run it with the side off to see if its a heat buildup issue...

    what chassis, have you any casefans ??? if so, details please...

    I hope the PC is not near some heatsource like a radiator...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  2. Antec Sonata Piano Black Quiet Case.
    120mm fan in the rear, 120mm fan in the front..
    Not near any heat source...
    Ambient case temperature reported at less than 90 degrees farenheit... And the air doesn't feel super hot coming out the back or anything. Out the powersupply it feels hot, but out the case fan it doesn't.
    Also, why would it get so much hotter that it causes a problem running Far Cry and not Doom 3? Does Far Cry stress the system more? What temp should my 3200+ 939 90nm be running at when fully loaded?
    Are there any benchmarks I could run that could help figure out what might be causing this?
    Thanks, hope this info helps!

  3. I have no heat problems at all, but my trick was to put a slot fan in one of the expansion slots with a slot inbetween them(PCI slot 1 empty for airflow).

    It sucks off the ambient hot air that the fan on the video card generates in moments and blows it out the rear of the machine. The temperature of the exhaust out the rear is about 100-105 degrees during gaming, but the air around the video card is about the same as the rest of the case - so it seems to work quite well.

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  4. I had one of the PCI fans in my old machine, but I was really trying to keep this case quiet, I already dislike the noise from the 6800GT fans. And I am already not too happy with one of the 120mm fans noise output at full speed, and my MSI board doesn't seem to be controlling the fan speeds too well.. Cause they are cranking all the time....
  5. This gives you low temp plus low noise and directs warm air out ur case.

    Arctic Cooling Rev.4 nVidia 5 (6800 Series) VGA Silencer (HS-009-AR)

    (((((The Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 is ideal for Nvidia Geforce 6800/Ultra/GT based graphic cards. It offers substantially better cooling performance over the nVidia reference cooler. With the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer makes use of DHE (Direct Heat Exhaust) system. This carries the warm exhaust air directly from inside the case, thus the inside case temperatures are lower. By the large aluminum radiator box with copper base plate it needs only a slowly turning exhaust fan, in order to keep things cool. Thus operating at a very low noise level!)))))
  6. What FarCry patch are you running? If you aren't running 1.3, grab that and see if that helps.
  7. Have you tried relaxing the memory timings, or have you only tried 2-2-2-5? A slight voltage boost to the memory might help stables things out, but I'd also try relaxing those timings a bit.

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  8. I have heard from some hardware websites that say NVIDIA 6 series cards suffer serious probelms with Far Cry. I suggest you to download latest NVIDIA Force Ware drivers and download the Far Cry patch v 1.3.
  9. The memory he has is the best in the business. He does not need to reduce the timings it has been designed to run at that timing with lifetime warranty saying it should.

    follow what Wonc siad.
  10. It is a issue with all nForce 3 chipset motherboards and all nVidia 6800 cards. The issue is happening only in Direct 3D software not in OpenGL.

    Your BFG 6800GT OC card is overclocked for default (the OC part in the name). In order to workaround the problem you can use nVidia coolbits and underclock the card to stock values i think you card will be ok at 350 core, you can left the vram clock overclocked.

    This issue is being discussed in this thread too:
  11. I also have the same Corsair PC3200LL low latency ram in one system. The ram is sweet for sure, wish I had 2*512MB kit of it not just a 2*256MB kit. It will not always run 2-2-2-5 timings stable in every system though, hence my suggestion to relax it a bit to diagnose.

    For the record, many folks claim that 2-2-2-10 is <A HREF="" target="_new">better timings for an A64</A> and offers the best performance. That's why you don't see test system for A64 running 2-2-2-5.

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  12. turn cool n quiet off to see.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  13. Cool N' Quiet is off..
  14. I tried patching to 1.3 and it won't take it. Gives me some crazy error. I need to try and uninstall and reinstall Far Cry I guess.. Plus the 1.3 patch wasn't listed on the games website. Looked like only the 1.1 patch, I had to click around to find a 1.3 patch..
  15. Your problem has been documented at the <A HREF="" target="_new">NVIDIA.COM Forum</A>

    In the NVIDIA thread, it is directly related fo the nforce chipset used in the mb. See the whole article and feel the pain of that poster.

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  16. I wounder what´s the reason to that wierd behaviour, just coz u OC the GF6800. I mean that it freezes for a wile and then work again, thats very wierd!

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  17. Well, the stock speeds seem to work just fine, but the OC is where the problems begin. Just doesn't seem right that two nvidia products don't get along. Makes me wonder about nForce 4 and dual SLI.

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  18. OC yes, but it is the error itself that is wierd, why not bluescreen or total freeze or something??? that makes me think it is possible to fix!!! not by me though :D

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  19. I also have read about the problem with the nV3 chipset and the nV6800 cards. I just bought a Gigabyte 6800GT and I have an ASUS nV3 board. I guess i will be just running it at stock speeds and not OCing it to the potential 420/1150 that some people are getting from this card at stock cooling. Although I also have read that some people are having this problem with that configuration. Perhaps try flashing the video card bios to the 6800 Ultra and see if that helps?

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