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Hi everyone,

I'm currently using an HP DM1z ultraportable. I've upgraded to a single stick 4GB RAM. I still have the stock 2GB stick with me and was wondering about the merits of having 6GB RAM and moving to a 64-bit OS.

Given that I'm running on an AMD E-350 processor and still a SATA HDD just how much of a performance boost would 4GB to 6GB give me? Would I just be better off upgrading to an SSD?

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  1. I'm not all too familiar with that particular laptop but it kinda depends on what you do with that laptop. Unless you're doing something graphic intensive I don't think it would be worth it.

    The difference between 2 - 4GB is going to be more than the performance difference between 4 - 6GB. I prefer 64-bit OS but unless you already have a copy, you're talking about spending a fair amount of money for that upgrade and I'm not sure if you'd really see the difference (unless you're using programs that are designed to take advantage of 64-bit).

    As far as SSD, I'm not as familiar with the performance boost there. I have one on my media PC but that's mainly to keep things quiet. They are getting better in price so it might not be too bad but I just don't know how much better it would run (if at all).
  2. With such a low end cpu, I'd say 6gb ram/64 bit won't help. A ssd would be very noticeable in overall responsiveness. But without knowing what you are doing, I can't say for sure. Assuming it's just browsing then a ssd would be my suggestion if you want to upgrade.
  3. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the responses. I use it mostly as my mobile workstation. I'm a front-end web developer so most of the time I run code editors and multiple browsers on it.

    As for the discussion on SSD's, I know some people who say it's the single best upgrade they've made for their laptops aside from going 8GB on RAM.

    Right now though, at 4GB I feel pretty steady already and don't see any point in going for 8GB.
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