Is a macbook pro good for a high school student

I am looling buying a macbook pro 2012 edition for high school for 1200 dollars and i was wondering if it would last me the 4 years im in high school so i can sell it after that time.
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  1. It'll be good for a high school student, and it'll last you 4 years. But you'll be lucky to get $400 for it after 4 years time.

    That said... $1200 is a lot of money to be spending as a high school student. Save it for college or a car. Trust me... I just graduated from college and wish I had saved more for college and had a car that wasn't 23 years old.
  2. For high school, anything that can run microsoft office and connect to the internet would do the job, in my mind.

    Unless you're into some serious extra-curricular media stuff, then no, just get a cheap laptop.
  3. For a high student, I wouldn't even buy MS Office. I would prefer OpenOffice which is free.
  4. Why do you even need a laptop let alone a MacBook Pro for high school?
    Any old laptop/desktop can do the powerpoints / term papers etc for high school.

    Save the money up for college like seriously. I saved $3k up thanks to not buying much during my high school days and it helped pay off for those damn $100-200 textbook. Tuition is going to absolutely kill you with 4 years colleges running $20-30k+ per year. So why spend $1200 on a macbook when in 4 years you'll no doubt need a new one for college...??
  5. Actually a laptop can be useful for high school. It is even encouraged in elementary schools, at least according from some fellow co-workers who have children in elementary school. Granted their children are attending "high end" public schools in semi-wealthy to wealthy communities. Lessons are actually taught using the laptop with e-book textbooks and classroom / homework assignments are e-mailed to the teacher.

    Is this the case for the average inter-city public schools? Probably not. The necessity of a laptop seems to depends on demographics. Therefore, it is possible that a laptop is necessary for the OP.
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