Samsung series 7 VS. Dell XPS 15

Im pretty much down to these two, and the series 7 from what i read around the forums doesnt get great reviews but im not really sure why, especially with the difference in price. So i would love to hear any insight if you feel you have any details worth highlighting for either of them.

this is for web/graphic design running dreameaver, photoshop, illustrator, i will be traveling quite a bit with it so size, weight, & build quality are a factor. I appreciate higher resolution screen but i also think id just as easily go with a lower res for the sake of anti-glare.

Samsung series 7 - 1,199$
CPU: i7-3615qm (2.3-3.3ghz)
RAM: 8gb 1600ddr3
HDD: 750gb @7200
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M (1gb)
Display: 15.6" LED 1600x900
Size: 5.3 LBS & .94" thick

Dell XPS 15 - 1,699$
CPU: i7-3612qm (2.1-3.2ghz)
RAM: 8gb 1600ddr3
HDD: 750gb HDD @7200 - & 32gb mSATA
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M (2GB)
Display: 15.6" FHD 1080p (glossy)
Size: 5.8 lbs & .91" thick
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  1. Well, to my eyes, the Samsung is simply better. You're getting a slightly more powerful cpu and the same GPU, RAM and a matte screen (which really makes a difference) for a significantly lower price. The resolution is just enough for 15.6". One of my desktop lcds is 20" with the same resolution, and I have no problem with it at all. Plus its being 1600X900 means less battery consumption and also means that you can upgrade it to FHD later on. Further, it's lighter and fairly well-designed. I'd go with Samsung.

    EDIT: You can spend that extra $500 to replace your already fast HDD with a decent SSD and enjoy your super fast laptop.
  2. i think you are right, and good point on the screen and battery consumption.

    upgrading the screen to FHD, do you mean literally replacing the screen? not sure id do this but thats interesting if its an option.

    also, anyone know much about Dell vs Samsung warranty/protection plans?
  3. Yes, you can replace it later. Most of the times laptops with resolutions more that 1366x768 support custom FHD screens. All you need is to find the right screen and install it.

    As for the warranty, it pretty much depends on where you live. Here in Iran, Dell sucks. MSI, Samsung, and Asus deliver excellent services through their own retailers.
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