Alienware m14x R2 (UK)

This is what ive put together so far:
I7 3610 cpu
8gb ram 2 x 4 1600mhz
Windows 7 home premium
650m 2gb gddr5 gpu
750gb 7200/rpm + 32gb msata ssd cache
1600x900 lcd
killer wireless
1 year accident damage + 1 year hardware support

Setting me back a total of £1160, after £200 online coupon savings.

Now the real question here is;
Is this baby worth the investment in your opinions?

My feeling is that I would be paying a lot for brand name rather than actual performane, however I am having a hars time finding an equivalent laptop in the UK :(.

Any alternatives, opinions on the matter greatly apreciated.
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  1. I think you could get that for about 100 cheaper at Lenovo.

    Plus it includes a bigger SSD, and it's thinner, also the keyboard will be one of the best you've ever used.
  2. Wow thanks man, cant believe how quick you were with that and to boot looks like you found me a better machine for much less. :D Www
  3. No problem.
    Be sure to select the best answer!
  4. For the life of me I cant see how to do it, stupid phone :L will try tomorrow on the trusty desktop, unless you can tell me how? Wow I sound stupid now :L
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