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I am currently a computer science student and I need a new laptop to do some programming in. My main criteria includes

-high resolution screen(at least 1600x900 on 15'' screen)
-great speakers
-great keyboard/touchpad(for long hours coding)
-under $1000(preferably around ~$800)

I will be doing NO gaming at all on this. It's mainly gonna be for music listening, watching movies, and doing coding work. A couple laptops I've been looking at are
-Sony Series S with Ivy Bridge i5(only flaws are the horrible speakers and color issues)
-HP Envy 15(only flaws are it runs hot and it's hard to find a good deal)
-Samsung Series 7 Chronos(only flaws are no ivy bridge, color issues, lower reso than previous 2)

Any other laptops I should look at? Right now I'm leaning towards the Sony Series S but the bad speakers are really a turn off for me.. Thanks guys.
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  1. AHMED_92 said:

    link doesn't work. i also don't really don't like the looks of thinkpads(if that's what the link leads to)
  2. yea i guess battery life is pretty important. i can live with 4-5 hours on medium brightness. i'll be carrying the laptop around a lot to speak with people about the code and whatnot
  3. Yea i've been suggested the thinkpads many times but i just can't get myself to get something that doesn't look nice to me. i recently just found a deal for a refurbished samsung 7 series that is about $600. right now it's pretty much between that and the sony s series. idk if the s series is worth $300 more than the samsung series 7 tho. the screen on the vaio s also makes me want to get it badly..
  4. I searched and searched for months for the perfect laptop for me. And it was the one I kept pushing aside because of looks. I have the thinkpad t520. And I got it for 650 with an upgrade 9 cell battery, and i5, and the higher screen resolution.

    Once you own a thinkpad I don't think there is going back to "beautiful" laptops. You realize all that doesn't matter when you have a water resistant, super durable laptop, with easilyyy up gradable parts! I'd suggest taking a second thought about the thinkpad. All my friends joked about it's looks and now they all want one..

    But I after my research I have found that the bang for your buck (either than the "ugly" thinkpad)
    was anything asus. I found they had the best specs for the price.
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