GT 610vs GT 635?

I want to know that when we say Geforce GT610 or Geforce GT635 for graphic card of a laptop,
what do we mean by 610 or 635?
what factor does it determine?
I would be really appreciate if someone help me
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    Good question, which has no short answer.

    Hardware companies have a numbering/naming strategy that supposedly conveys information about the features and capability of the product. This normally changes every few years when they run out of numbers and then have to start afresh.

    Anyway, the current Nvidia scheme uses 3 numbers. The first number identifies the product family, while the last two identify where that product fits inside the family.

    Using your example, the 610 and the 635 are both part of the 6 series (or 600 series, depending on how you look at it). This means they have more or less the same features and use the same architecture. Comparing the other numbers, since 35 is higher than 10, the 635 should be faster than the 610.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  2. Hi
    thank u so much for ur complete answer
    that was so nice and informative
    but could u tell me the unit of 30 or 35 in my example?
    I wanna know the value of difference this two types
  3. There is no value attached to the number; it's just a model identification. You would have to look up the benchmark numbers for a particular model to know how it performs.
  4. thank u so much for ur good and quick answer
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