What laptops are compatible with ssd

Does anybody know if there are limitations on the toshiba p750 psay3a 02j001 model that may be incompatible with SSD drives? Toshiba support tell me the board is customised to use HDD and i want to know if someone knows a workaround for this or has any experience doing thi.

thanks muchly
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  1. Toshiba Satellite P750 laptop
  2. As long as a pc has sata, a ssd will have no issues. So yes you can use a ssd.
  3. Amen, it detected ssd instantly! windows installed first time,but i was led to believe i had to use the recovery discs i had made for the hdd,which had all toshiba drivers/ bloatware and I'm actually glad that procedure failed cause i didn't need all that crapware. :) SSD is just so insanley fast ,i'm very happy i did the upgrade.
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