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  1. In this particular case, I'd say that the third option, the N5110, is a better option than the other two.
    It's video card is a little bit weaker than the HD 7730M, but it has better processor on board and has more memory, which would accumulate in the overall higher performance (in games AND all other applications) than that of the other two.

    If you're wondering which graphics card are the best performance-wise, it would be the HD 7730M in the first option, but the overall performance of that notebook would be a bit worse than that of the third option.

    Second option aren't really worth getting at all.

    It's my personal opinion, but I highly recommend getting third option, it's a much better buy, in my opinion.
  2. thanx buddy!!
    how about this one ??

    it looks better than the 5110.. although the processor and g card arent a match..will it perform better than the 5520 ??
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    sarmadsyed said:

    how about this one ??
    it looks better than the 5110..

    It has better processor ("Ivy Bridge" i5, while N5110 has "Sandy Bridge" i7. "Ivy" consumes quite less energy (your notebook would stay up longer without re-charging, mobile Ivy's power saving capabilities are fantastic) than "Sandy", and it has lower work temperatures. You really only need i7 when you want more than two cores and/or "Hyper Threading", but we're talking about mobile here, after all, especially since that "Ivy" i5 has Hyper Threading too), it's memory can be upgraded (unlike Dell), and it has much better video card than the N5110.
    Downside is that it has quite mediocre display (not any TN crap, but that TFT aren't the top one either), it's pre-installed Windows 7 are stupid in my opinion ("Basic", aren't that good at all. It really should be AT LEAST "Home Premium". "Basic" can't see more than 4GB of memory, so that upgradable ability is rendered absolutely useless until you install "Home Premium" yourself...meh), and it's battery capacity aren't big enough (6 cells...blah. Really good notebooks/ultrabooks come with AT LEAST 8 cells these days, but that's my IMHO).

    All in all...
    I'd actually would still go with N5110, simply because it ALREADY has 8GB of memory on board (no need to upgrade), it has one of the best mobile i7s (only "Ivy" i7 would be better, power saving and performance-wise), and it's display is quite better, in my opinion.
    The only real big minus of N5110, in my opinion (maybe for you it wouldn't be a minus at all), is the pre-installed custom OS (looks like it's the "Debian" Linux Distributable, which aren't suited for many games and applications at all), meaning that you'll have to install Windows 7 by yourself later. Maybe I'm mistaken there, I really dunno, because I couldn't find enough info on that particular model, I just assume that. Found it: it has "Windows 7 Home Premium" on board, good. Definitely worth getting, I highly recommend it.
    It's for you to decide in the end, N5110 or Aspire V3, you would be perfectly fine with any of them, it only depends on your personal preference.

    My personal recommendation is N5110, but if in the end you'll decide to buy the Aspire V3, you won't regret it at all, it's good enough too. Both of them are absolutely worth buying.
  4. sarmadsyed said:
    thanx buddy!!
    how about this one ??

    it looks better than the 5110.. although the processor and g card arent a match..will it perform better than the 5520 ??

    Even after looking at this forth option, I would also go with the N5110, simply because it's the best "bang for the buck."

    It has the fastest processor out of all four laptops, overall. It also has the most amount of RAM AND the most amount of HDD storage out of all the other options.

    It might not have the best GPU in comparison, but it's almost a guarantee that you'll be able to play modern games at at least medium settings, if not with some settings set to high, simply due to the fact that the laptop has a faster processor and a lot more RAM.
  5. alright guys I`ve decided on the aspire v3 for two reasons..
    1. it has Ivybridge
    2. its gpu is more powerful than the amd 7730 and 7670m

    below are a few websites for laptops. If anyone feels like its not the best , feel free to look through these websites and help me out . 66000 pkr is my range:

  6. sarmadsyed said:
    GT630M is more powerful than the HD 7670M

    No it's not.
    Anyway, as I said before, It's for you to decide in the end, it only depends on your personal preference.
    If you decided to get Aspire V3 then it's absolutely fine, because that is a very good notebook too (even though, not as good as N5110). You definitely won't be disappointed with it.
    The only note though: definitely change/upgrade your notebook's Windows 7 "Home Basic" to "Home Premium", when you can. You really shouldn't use "Basic", it's quite lame.
  7. shad0wboss said:

    As been already stated in the thread, it's a worse option than N5110 and Aspire V3. Even if it's only for gaming.
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  9. You're always welcome.
    Have a nice day/night and I wish you the best of results.
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