Free toshiba recovery disk download for L775D-S7135

I'm looking for a free toshiba recovery disk download for my L775D-S7135 laptop.
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  1. drivers should be available from Toshiba's website. If you need to reinstall the OS then you can either restore via the restore software that came with your computer (which hardly anyone spends the time to use), or else purchase restore discs from Toshiba, which typically costs $20-80 depending how old the laptop is.
  2. I'm reformatting a Toshiba laptop right now. I'm not sure what the model is (probably from 2010 if I had to guess), but it has recovery software built into it to restore Windows to the manufacturer settings.

    Restart the computer. Before Windows starts, jam on the F8 key as fast as you can to bring up the boot menu thing. Choose repair my computer. You might have to login with local admin credentials. There will be a choice to recover your laptop to the manufacturer settings.

    After it formats, the Toshiba software will proceed to reinstall drivers and stuff automatically (Configuring System). The computer will restart itself over and over again while it does this. That's what I'm waiting for right now.

    Hope this helped.
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