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Hallo. I'm looking for a decent laptop under 400 dollars. I can raise the budget a bit higher but hopefully, I won't need to though if there are quite a few better options from 400-450/500, I may.
Anyways, what I want from my computer is around 4 GB RaM and the hardrive doesn't have to be too big, though bigger is better. Minimum I guess would be 320 GB. I also want to be able to play Skyrim on at least low graphics.
Thank you very much for even looking over and if you could help, I'd be very thankful especially since I don't know so much about laptops. I plan to buy online but anything is fine, really.

I've been looking at

The first one is refurbished and so I'm not too sure about getting it but the second is a back up. If I can't find anything else, I'm getting it.

If you would like more information, just ask please.
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  1. That Toshiba's a pretty good deal and the egg has pretty good customer service, so I'd go that route.
  2. The only problem with it is that it may be damaged pretty badly. I did some research and heard lots of negative things about New Egg. I can also buy it through Amazon, but which should I choose? Or an alternative, please.
  3. I've always had great experiences with newegg (I've been buying from them for nearly 10 years now) - I think I've had to return two items in all that time and they were great with both.

    But, up to you. Refurbs can be in rough cosmetic shape sometimes (they were previously owned after all), but are guaranteed to be in perfect working order. In fact, they're likely to work better than the new version (or at least less likely to fail), since they've been fully checked out rather than the quick QA most factories use on new products.
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